Inne M04 Paris

Glass door

Inne doors are made of tempered glass and aluminum. The frames are also made of aluminum, so the doors are suitable for use in wet spaces. The door opens 180 degrees, handedness should be chosen when ordered. The product comes with frames, a door leaf, a handle, a lock cassette and a lock counterpart. The handle is interchangeable with another door handle for the Nordic market. The door is always made according to measures.

In the Helsinki model, the door leaf is unframed, so the edges of the door leaf are exposed glass. In the New York, Tokyo and Paris models, the door leaf is framed. The Tokyo and Paris models are also equipped with aluminum grids glued to the glass.

The aluminum frame is assembled and attached to the walls of the building. The door leaf hinges are attached to the frame. The door leaf is attached to the hinges attached to the frame. The handeness of the product is selected when ordering the product. Installation guide


20 Working days


20 year warranty

Product jambs and depending on the model possible door leaf frames and grids are manufactured of aluminium profiles. Hinges and other fittings are manufactured of brass alloy. Aluminium profile and fitting surfaces are powder painted using black color (RAL 9005).

The product is manufactured of 8 mm thick tempered safety panel (EN 12150). There's plenty of glass options available. Transparent, grey, brown, super bright, mirror, black and opalglass. Satinglasses are available in different hues (satin, brown satin, grey satin and super bright satin), there's also hue options for the reeded glasses (reeded, brown reeded and grey reeded).

One side of the satin glasses is etched to acquire a velvety feel and the other side is smooth. When choosing a satin glass product, bear in mind that the etched surface of the panel is sensitive to scratches and stains.
The mirror glasses transparency depends of lighting in the space, when backside is lit the glass seems transparent, when the backside is dimmed or dark, the mirror effect kicks in.
The black glass is also slightly see through in heavy light and almost nontransparent if the space is darker.
The super bright glasses are manufactured with the iron removed, thus removing most of the green tint that glasses naturally have.
Opal glass is a laminated glass, that is white tinted and nontransparent, but let's through most of the light.

The door is manufactured according to measures. When ordering, please state the width and height of the installation opening. A 20mm total mounting space is left between the product frames and the specified mounting opening. The free access opening is 110mm smaller than the width of the specified mounting opening. The depth of the frame is 92mm.

Product size

The selected product can be installed into the opening the total width L1 of which is 800mm and the total length L2 2000mm.:


The door can be equipped with a toilet thumbturn knob (optional). The surface color of the knob is black. The door can also be equipped with other thumbturns for the Nordic market.

The product is provided with a lock cassette, a handle and a cover plate for covering the thumbturn installation hole. Thumbturn, which is commonly used in toilet doors is an additional equipment. The handle can be replaced with other handles commonly available in the Scandinavian market.

The hinges of the door have handedness, which should be chosen when ordering. When facing the door from the space into which it opens, handedness determines on which side of the door the hinges are.


Product code



Inne M04 Paris

Product code



0.00 €


Inne single Inne door
White painted/Transparent=800 x 2000

Product code

C01 61 0000


980.00 €



Product code

C04 6L 0000


120.00 €



Product code


1100.00 €

The selected product can be installed into the opening the total width L1 of which is 800mm and the total length L2 2000mm.: